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NMBA Annual Convention

June 8-9, 2017

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort

Ruidoso, NM


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The New Mexico Bankers Association, through its membership, plays a vital role in creating a favorable atmosphere under which all banks in the state can thrive, prosper and continue to serve their communities. Never have the challenges facing our industry been so great and the issues so complex.

At no time has the NMBA's responsibility to fulfill its mission statement been so important. In years past, the New Mexico Bankers Association has been able to meet its stated goals through the strong support of member banks and the willingness of bankers to serve with diligence as NMBA volunteers. A skilled dedicated staff, committee members, committee chairpersons and directors make up the heart and soul of this viable and strong trade association.Whether it is through legislative efforts, federal and state, or through the current educational programs, the Association continues to serve its members.

I am honored by the opportunity to serve as the President of the New Mexico Bankers Association. The NMBA exists solely to serve our members needs. If we ever fall short in doing so, I invite you to call me personally to let me hear about your concerns. We, as bankers, should work to make sure our association is the best that we can make it.

Jay Jenkins, Carlsbad National Bank, Carlsbad, NM
2016-2017 NMBA President


Presentations from the 2017 NMBA Lenders Conference:

New Mexico's Economy-Current Situation & Outlook

Glitches and Gotcha's to Avoid in Title Insurance

Orlando Lucero material-Survey Coverage; Mortgage Modification Endorsements; Common Commercial Endorsements




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